May 24, 2017
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Internet Business Group's CE discusses competitive advantages in Wall Street with Maziar Darvish BIBA Editorial Team
Transcript Interview
The Richest Iranian In The World
By Salar Golestanian
Internet Business Group
By Andisheh Hassani
Pierre Omidyar: Chairman: eBay 'Giant car boot sale' eBay beats Amazon as the Net's number 1
BY SUSIE MESURE - The Independent - United Kingdom; May 2, 2001
Internet Review - The Best Iranian Sites On The Net
By Ali Monazah
D.I.Y. Site - E-Commerc - Making Money Through The Internet
BIBA Editorial Team - The B2B Marketplace For SME
BIBA Editorial Team
Ebay - The Net Auction Site - A Profile By Ali Sinaei
Ebay, which is the most active auction site on the internet, operates an online person-to-person trading community.
Cyber Studio - The Net Cafe BIBA Editorial Team
Cyber Studio - A Profile - Javad Ebrahimzadeh and Behnam Looyeh started an internet cafe four years ago.