May 27, 2017
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MANOUCHEHR TAKIN: The Senior Petroleum analyst comments on oil prices
Dr Namdar Baghaie's Clean Fuel - A Look At BIOFIN
By Andisheh Hassani
Can Buy-Back Schemes Save The Iranian Oil Industry? - Mehdi Metghalchi Reflects
By Andisheh Hassani
Investigating The Worthiness Of Iranian Oil & Gas Conferences - BIBN Talks With Sam Darbaghi
BIBN Editorial Team
Main government agencies and bodies involved in the Oil & Gas Industry in Iran
By Shahroukh Koussari
Oil & Security In The Caspian Sea
BIBN Editorial Team
OPEC Position Vis-A-Vis Oil Price - OPEC & The Price Of Oil
BIBN Editorial Team
The Oil & Gas Industry - Coming To Terms With New Challenges - An Iranfile Special Report
By Mehrdad Khonsari
Recent Iranian Oil Agreements - A Transcipt of the Talk given to BIBA on 10 May 2000
By Dr Parviz Mina
Disintegration of the Oil Industry - BIBN Talks With Parviz Shahideh
BIBN Editorial Team