May 24, 2017
BIBA 121st Meeting
Credit Crunch
The Wider Economic Effects
and Opportunities
You are Cordially invited to BIBA's 121st Meeting with
Cyrus Ardalan
(Vice Chairman at Barclays Capital)
Mehdi Shalfrooshan
(Vice President at Bank of America, UK)
Thursday 1st May 2008
London Hilton. Park Lane. W1
7pm to 8.30pm
The Meeting will include a
Q & A Session.
Admission Free
With a crash in housing markets in the U.S. and an apparent lack of confidence among the British major mortgage lenders, the global economy seems to be going through a crisis that is reminiscent of major recessionary periods. To discuss the negative implications of this new development and look into the positive opportunities that it may bring, BIBA has asked two prominent British-Iranian bankers and financial advisors to share their opinions on the subject with us at BIBA’s 121st Meeting.
Cyrus Ardalan serves as Vice Chairman and Head of Investment Banking, Russia, the Middle East and Africa of Barclays Capital. Previously he occupied a number of senior roles at Paribas between 1990 and 2000 in London and New York, including Global Head of Bonds and Head of Paribas Capital Markets activities in North and South America. Mr. Ardalan spent 12 years at the World Bank in Washington and served as the Division Chief of Treasury Operations. He has been Director of DIFC Authority at Dubai International Financial Centre since May 2006.
Mehdi Shalfrooshan joined Bank of America in Sept 77 in Rotterdam. After short tour in UK he was transferred to Tehran Rep office with responsibility for Iranian Banks. In 1980 he moved to London working as country officer for several countries in the Middle East. In 1985 He joined the Technology Group in London. In 1987. He moved to DFI team and subsequently managed the team. In 1994 he moved to Corp Finance Group, responsible for Aerospace and Automotive companies. Currently he has responsibility for US and Asian Multinationals operating in Europe.