May 24, 2017
Introduction to BIBA TV Programmes
From its inception, BIBA’s preeminent motif has been the celebration of the success of British- Iranian businessmen and women. It is refreshing to see British-Iranians who have received homage by way of scientific, commerce-based and industrial achievements. Why BIBA on TV Programmes Communication is undoubtedly pivotal in gaining success in BIBA’s endeavour as an educator, a business association and promoter of British-Iranians.
BIBA’s prime form of communication was that of business meetings. With time however, we have discovered other various means of delivering our messages for example: Publications, newspapers, and the Internet & emails. In general it is very difficult to determine which method has been the most effective for BIBA. Most recently we have considered the media of “Television”.
Why IRAN TV (ITV) of California Iran TV (ITV) has been in operation for the previous 23 years in California. Since three years ago ITV has been broadcasting internationally covering North America, Europe and the Middle East. According to some surveys, ITV is the most successfully run American-Iranian television channel.