May 24, 2017
Babak Emamian's Voice of America interview
Roundtable with You April 17 addressed the role of the private sector in the western world’s economy with businessman Babak Emamian, president of the British-Iranian Business Association in London. Mr. Emamian presides over the 2400-member association. He is an advocate of free enterprise and believes that in a healthy economy, it is the private sector that takes the lead in directing economic developments. He said the role of government should be limited, and, in fact, invisible. Mr. Emamian compared the economy of developed countries with those of developing countries, and in particular to Iran, saying that in spite of so much wealth, Iranian resources must follow directions from the government. He said this is unfortunate because the government suffers from incompetent officers who have led Iran’s economy to record levels of inflation and unemployment despite revenues almost doubling from the jump in oil prices on the world market.