May 27, 2017
BIBA Vision
The question of the BIBA Road Map for BIBA was raised many times of our general meetings. However, never were there any direct and precise statements giving outline to where we are going and what are our main goals and objectives.
We are in the process of writing a Document addressing this very issue and describing the roadmap which would be open to debate in the forthcoming Forum on this site.
British Iranian Business Association and News
My name is Babak Emamian, and I have the pleasure of being your host, on behalf of My first duty is to inform you about BIBA.
What is BIBA?
The British Iranian Business Association (BIBA) was founded in 1994 in recognition of a widely acknowledged need to provide a forum for British-Iranian Business and professional men and women living in the UK to meet and create business contacts and opportunities. Also to promote the British-Iranian business community in the UK.
The formula for our growth and success was rather simple. It began with holding meetings that focused on marketing strategies and business development. There are now over 2,000 professionals and business people affiliated with BIBA. BIBA annually organises twelve specialised and two general meetings. In total, we have organised 78 specialised and 11 general meetings. BIBA's journal, British Iranian Business News (BIBN) has a readership of 20,000.
What is
This is BIBA's web site. It is a Business to Business (B2B) site that makes communication between businesses and professionals very easy. It provides a point of reference for business searching for services. It is therefore a vehicle to promote the British-Iranian Business community in the UK and Worldwide.
BIBA Offers:
"Hope and Technique to Achieve Success."
You could benefit from three ways:
1. By learning from experts and business people.
2. By getting to know professionals and business people, and
3. By selling your services and/or products on
Of course, we cannot guarantee instant success. It requires your own effort and active involvement, but is here for you to use.
What else does offer?
The site brings to the forefront business ideas and issues, and debates the techniques used by business people to achieve success. The site is mainly a record of success and achievements by many underdogs, therefore it is undoubtedly very motivating and it offers hope to almost everyone.
The site offers some other features:
Business News
Business Guidance & Awareness
Highlighting Business Opportunities
Business & Professional Contacts
Business & Professional Promotions
Business Debates
Classifieds Section, "Who is Who"
Educational materials for youth
Educational research for students
Parents' aid in explaining Iranian-ness to children
Re-discovering our identity
Bringing a lot of people together
A sense of purpose's next objective?
We would like to extend our efforts to all expatriate Iranians in the world, in order to: a) Create a closeness between Professional & Business people of Iranian origins, and b) Promote the British-Iranian Professional & Business community internationally.
Very soon BIBA will be hosting a general meeting in California in order to encourage closer networking and co-operation between the British-Iranian business and the American-Iranian professional community

Why we Ought to Look at the British Iranian Business Community?
London has the largest concentration of Billionaires. Therefore it is important to understand the dynamics of the Super-Rich market.

Why The British-Iranian Business Community?
The British-Iranians are now the 2nd highest earners in the UK according to Institute for Public Policy Research.

What we do is subsequently taken on in California, New York, Canada, Europe and UAE by the Iranian professional Business communities. Size & Economic Composition of British-Iranians There are some 100,000 British-Iranians. Taking into account extended family, many mixed marriages and birth of 2nd generations, as whole the general community could be considered as many as 200,000.

As they are highly educated and influential, the community has a much wider reach. Economic Composition in Detail Newly Arrived - Less than 10 Years Due to the nature of the freshly immigrated community, there are some 20,000 British-Iranians out of the 100,000 who have arrived in the last 10 years. Economically not many of them are yet high earners. It takes an average of 10 years to settle in the UK.

Characteristically, they still have fresh links with the mother country and have not yet fully integrated in the mainstream in the UK. Settled British-Iranians - The High Earners - BIBA members & audience .

This group is about 80,000. Some 55,000 are on above average earnings Some 25,000 are categorised by BBC as High Earners. Some 5,000 out of this 25,000 are what is categorised as Super High Earners. Just imagine with 40% taxation, high level of competition, and present negative image of Iranians in general, yet the British-Iranians have managed to produces so many multi-millionaires in so little time, less than 30 years. The last group are mostly BIBA members and audience.

There are some 20 British-Iranian billionaires, and many more multi-millionaires. Networking with the High Earners The British-Iranians are highly integrated and scattered in the British society, otherwise success would elude them in the UK. They spent little time on Persian affairs, events and newspapers.

The best form of contact is through associations such as BIBA. At BIBA we understand the dynamic of the Super-Rich market, especially in London, which has the biggest concentration of Billionaires.
Expanding BIBA online
BIBA Website News
BIBA's website is constantly developing new tools to enhance community interaction. During the last few weeks, we have added number of modules listed below and we intend to add more whilst polishing the existing tools. We hope you use these tools and make the most out of them. We do need your participation and feedback in order to enhance them further.
Forum: - IBN Forum is the start of an excellent place for you to exchange ideas and your tips for the other members of the community..
Classified: - This new section will allow you to put up a picture of your product as well as a comprehensive description of what you are selling. Try it today.
Properties: - Advertise your property for sale or rent. There will be further enhancement to this section in the next few weeks, so please watch this space.
TV shows - Yup - the videos are up on the website and we apologise for being a little late but better late than never. Files for both broadband and traditional modem is available. Let us know if you experience any trouble watching them.